Investment Strategy

Leopard Capital Cambodia's investment strategy and guidelines

The investment strategy focuses on venture, expansion, and buy-out opportunities primarily in the Cambodian mid-market. Targeted sectors include rural focused financial services, agribusiness/food production, energy and telecom infrastructure, consumer goods, and building materials.

Our investment style is particularly hands-on, as some of our investments will be in an early stage. We will work closely with the investee companies management teams on strategic and operational issues spanning product / market development, executive recruitment, fund-raising, and financial control. Leopard Capital ensures that its funds fulfill corporate social responsibility standards.

Investment objectives:

  • To achieve medium and long-term capital appreciation, and to generate recurring income from dividends and other sources
  • To invest primarily in Cambodia-focused businesses

Investment parameters:

  • May make controlling or minority investments
  • May invest in companies and assets at all stages
  • May invest through various financial instruments

Investment strategy:

  • Make 10-11 investments ranging from $1.0 - $5.0m.
  • Build exposure to building blocks of Cambodia’s future economy, e.g. rural focused financial services, agribusiness/food production, energy and telecom infrastructure, consumer goods, and building materials.
  • Co-invest with major international and/or local business groups when appropriate.
  • Assist investees with management recruitment, business strategy, cross-border introductions, fundraising, corporate governance, and accounting / legal / IT support.
  • Exit through self-liquidating instruments or through private sales to strategic investors, co-investors, or other investment funds, and through IPOs on local stock exchanges.
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