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“Finding a role model – Emerging Markets Sri Lanka” Investment & Pensions Asia Magazine, 01/04/2011

“Sri Lankan economy thrives, leaving civil war and tsunami far behind” International Business Times, 20/08/2010

“Rogers join: Leopard Capital to advise on Sri Lanka” FINalternatives, 09/02/2010

“Leopard Capital stalks South Asia” Asian Investor, 20/01/2010

“Leopard seeks $130 Million for Sri Lanka funds; Faber to advise” Bloomberg, 20/01/2010

“Frontier markets may offer big returns for risk takers” South China Morning Post, 13/12/2009

“Military victory moderate voices heard: Minister” Daily Mirror, 24/11/2009

“Set aside differences and move forward as one” The Island, 24/11/2009

“Sri Lanka: financial review” The Island, 20/11/2009

“Asian investors eye Sri Lanka” Lanka Everything, 09/11/2009

“Rajaratnam said to have planned London trip for Fund” Bloomberg, 23/10/2009

“Leopard Capital to launch Sri Lanka-focused private equity fund” AltAssets, 02/10/2009

“Cambodian fund expands to Sri Lanka” Bloomberg, 02/10/2009

“New Sri Lanka PE fund to be floated after war” LBO.lk, 01/10/2009

“Leopard Capital LP to launch a fund focused on Sri Lanka” Investment Sri Lanka, 01/10/2009

Sri Lanka Investment News

“Finding a role model – Emerging Markets Sri Lanka” Investment & Pensions Asia Magazine, 01/04/2011

“After decades of war, Sri Lanka bounces back” Reuters, 04/11/2010

“Sri Lankan civilians use highway closed for 24 years during war” Bloomberg, 20/12/2009

“Sri Lanka still waiting for its peace dividend” Business Week, 19/12/2009

“Sri Lanka’s economy grows at fastest pace this year” Bloomberg, 18/12/2009

“China gets dragon’s share of post-war projects in Lanka” The Sunday Times, 06/12/2009

“Rajaratnam arrest jolts Sri Lanka’s markets, tsunami survivors” Bloomberg, 12/11/2009

Tourism Features

“Charmed by Sri Lanka” The Star, 19/06/2010

“Sri Lanka, the resplendent ‘isle'” The New York Times, 24/12/2009