Media Coverage

Leopard Bhutan In Print Media

"Investing in Asia's Frontier, With Eyes on the Horizon" The New York Times, 26/12/2012

"'Frontier Countries' Such as Myanmar Offer Investment Opportunities" DOWJONES, 25/09/2012

Bhutan Investment News

"RailTel to set up Bhutan’s broadband network" The Financial Express, 25/07/2013

"Bhutan banks on flowing ‘white gold’ of hydropower" The China Post, 18/07/2013

"Energy export will earn Bhutan Nu 45B by 2018" Kuensel, 25/05/2013

"3 nations jointly move to build hydropower plants in Bhutan" Financial Express, 18/05/2013

"Booming Bhutan" Foreign Affairs, 01/02/2013

"Bhutan and the importance of regional cooperation" The Island, 31/01/2013

"Bhutan king shows the way in South Asia" Business Standard, 29/01/2013

"China’s new-found interest likely to figure in India’s talks with Bhutan" The Indian Express, 26/01/2013

"Kabesa housing complex taking shape" Business Bhutan, 21/01/2013

"India makes case for economic partnership with Bhutan" First Post, 15/01/2013

"Investing in Asia's Frontier, With Eyes on the Horizon" The New York Times, 26/12/2012

"State to set up power plants in Bhutan" The Times of India, 25/12/2012

"Civil unrest in Assam delays Bhutan plant" Global Cement, 20/12/2012

"India must learn efficient urban planning from Bhutan" Niti Central, 17/12/2012

"Tata Power eyes more hydro projects in Bhutan" Business Line, 14/12/2012

"Bhutan shows interest in cooperation with Haryana" Business Line, 11/12/2012

"'Frontier Countries' Such as Myanmar Offer Investment Opportunities" DOWJONES, 25/09/2012

"Operations at IT Park could begin by March end" Kuensel Online, 09/02/2012

"30 IT majors plan to invest in Bhutan" News.oneindia.in, 26/12/2011

"IFC to open investment portfolio in Bhutan" Kuensel Online, 22/11/2011

"Dragon King marries commoner in reclusive Bhutan" Reuters, 13/10/2011

"The foreign direct investment (FDI) policy, 2010" BMT, 23/05/2010

"Bihar ready to invest in Bhutan hydroelectric projects to make it power sufficient" Post.jagran.com, 19/05/2010

"Bhutan liberalizes FDI laws to attract Indian investors" The Economic Times, 29/06/2009

Tourism Features

"Cliffhanger: Mountains of adventure in Bhutan" The Independent, 17/12/2011

"Bhutan: A country which measures success by happiness quotient" The Economic Times, 13/10/2011

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