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“Private Equity Firm Bets on Asia’s Frontier Markets” CNBC, 20/02/2012

Bangladesh Investment News

“Private Equity Firm Bets on Asia’s Frontier Markets” CNBC, 20/02/2012

“Parasol Energy starts journey in Bangladesh” The Financial Express, 14/02/2012

“Bangladesh Jan exports rise 12pc on clothing sales” Reuters, 13/02/2012

“Bangladesh bans import of new oil-fired power plants” Reuters, 09/02/2012

“Bangladesh may sign new trade deal with India” Daily Star, 09/02/2012

“High profits encourage textile industry to shift to Bangladesh” The Express Tribune, 31/01/2012

“India’s garment makers flock to Dhaka” The Times of India, 13/10/2011

“Bangladesh seeks global partners for IT sector” gulfnews.com, 13/10/2011

“Bangladesh starts market rescue fund” Asia Times, 12/10/2011

“Qatar agrees to supply LNG” The Daily Star, 06/06/2010

“Russia vies for Bangladesh nuclear power plant deal” Reuters, 22/03/2010

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“Lured by the Beach Side of a Beleaguered Land in Bangladesh” The New York Times, 24/12/2006