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Martin Amada, 48,
General Manager, is a 15 year resident of Southeast Asia. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, writer and filmmaker who has created successful businesses in several industries in the USA, France, and Thailand. Among other languages he speaks French, Thai and Khmer.
Wanphen Chaikomrong, 32,
serves as Representative of Leopard Cambodia Ltd.’s Phnom Penh Representative Office, and is a co-founder of Leopard Capital.
Sreymom Hum, 28,
Executive Assistant, has worked in Cambodia’s hospitality industry, and most recently in public relations and administration. She is presently earning a Bachelor’s degree in Finance Accounting from Phnom Penh’s Vanda Institute of Accounting.

Chang Sokuntheary, 20,
Receptionist, is in her first year of accounting studies at Vanda Accounting Institute. She has been a Chinese language teacher at the International Khmer American Institute in Kampong Thom province, and worked in their marketing department. Theary also volunteered in Kampong Thom at Mlup Baitong Organization’s Green Garden project.